Fisiocosmetica is born from the idea of three hairdressers from Pisa who share the same desire: to care for the scalp and hair! Hair is their expression of a person, the element that enhances the face and harmonizes the features. The scalp is the soil, to be nurtured and watered for a single result: beautiful hair.

In 1970, Fisiocosmetica was born. Within a few months, with the help of biologists, dermatologists, and cosmetologists, Fisiolinea was formulated and created. This is the synthesis of their choices: to draw extensively from the Tuscan territory and nature in general.

The Tuscan hills are rich in vines, olive trees, and many other natural elements like Essential Oils. To these elements, for the need to formulate a cosmetic optimally, research and the solution to have quality water came: Olive Water. This water, which naturally springs in Vicopisano, where the company is located, has been known since ancient times for its rich composition of minerals and natural virtues, and immediately becomes the base of every formulation.

Fisiocosmetica entered the market with an absolute range of quality and soon what was a line of products for a few, conquered the market and more and more hairdressers and beauticians attested to and praised its quality and results.

Remarkably, renowned companies created brochures in which they asked their customers why they used Fisiolinea instead of their own lines... At that time, the cosmetics industry was managed through trade associations that served as schools, forums, and stimuli with various competitions: ANAM and UNFAS above all.
It was through them that sales began to spread. First in Tuscany, then in Emilia, Lombardy, and later in many other regions.

But the most important moment for Fisiocosmetica, marking the beginning of increasingly important Fisiolinea sales, was the Cosmoprof in Bologna in 1996.
Here, with a small booth but with lots of hopes and quality, Fisiocosmetica was chosen among many competing companies for the start of collaboration worldwide and especially in the Asian market, by Joico. Today, Fisiocosmetica is present in 21 countries around the world with longstanding and exclusive international collaborations. In addition to its own brand, our company also produces private label products, catering to any kind of request from its clients.

Towards the end of the year 2000, Fisiocosmetica entered the market with a modern, attentive, innovative intellectual property related to cosmetic formulations for scalp and hair care. The upgrade in skincare first and then in personal and ambient fragrance would follow about a decade later.

Coming into contact with this small industrial reality that dominated the premium market was truly an immersive experience. You could get into the heart of productions, witness the skills of the workforce, and directly experience the company's know-how.

Tuscan identity, product quality, and entrepreneurial vision transformed the company into an international-minded entity, fond of the culture and customs of foreign countries.

In 2015, 70% of the company's turnover was represented by foreign importers operating in countries in the Arabian Peninsula, in Asian countries such as Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, in old Europe such as France, Austria, Germany, and in Eastern Europe with Poland in the forefront.

The expansion of markets is the driving force that prompts a complete redesign of all the lines, the completely natural green line, the women's line for body, face, and hair, the men's line with a focus on the barber world, and then the baby line.

The development of markets is so substantial and compelling that in 2018, the company decides to invest in capex, treating itself to a brand-new headquarters, spaces filled with life, light, cleanliness, and transparency, emphasizing a new starting point.

By the end of 2022, the company, with a workforce more than quadrupled compared to twenty years ago, initiates a new project, Fisio Lab, a hub of advanced services for beauty and a supportive element for the business model of hairdressers and beauticians, our loyal and cherished clients.

The challenge continues....